AL Personal Injury Attorney Settlements


Have you ever wondered if having an injury attorney makes a difference? Here are some dramatic case results won by Kenneth Ingram, Jr which illustrate how having a personal injury attorney helps you meet your financial needs.

WasteAway to pay widow $3.5 million

A waste disposal business agreed to pay an east Alabama woman a $3.5 million settlement in a suit she filed after the death of her husband at a Lee County landfill.  Read more

$2 million verdict is record breaker

Lee County court ordered company out of Opelika, Alabama to pay more than $2 million for injuries a couple suffered in a traffic accident. Read more

Widow wins $500,000 claim against company

A Tallapoosa County jury awarded $500,000 to an Alexander City resident in a decision against a Birmingham company that made financial misrepresentations to the client. Read more

Kenneth Ingram, Jr. is proud of his service to his clients and is proud to know that much of his work both in and out of the court room has been integral in changing corporate and government policy for the better.  He has set precedent when he can, but always sets out to obtain justice.  Kenneth is prepared to do whatever it takes to see that justice is served for you and your family.

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