Alabama Traffic Accident Attorney

The Alexander City Outlook, Tuesday, February 8, 2000, Volume 108, NO. 32

$2 million verdict is record breaker

After deliberating for approximately 2 ½ hours, and Alexander City jury recently awarded a local couple $2.2 million – the largest verdict granted in Alexander City.

The court ordered Eagle Budweiser, Inc. of Opelika to pay Charles and Janice Jones more than $2 million for injuries they suffered in a 1998 traffic accident.

As a result of the accident, both Charles and Janice Jones underwent two back surgeries, and Janice Jones had surgery for neck injuries, according to local attorney Kenneth Ingram Jr., who argued the Jones’ case in court. The Joneses also were represented by Tim Davis of Davis and Davis of Alexander City.

Ingram said Charles Jones’ ability to work was severely impaired as a result of the accident, and Janice Jones can no longer walk at all.

“The $2.2 million award will at least allow them to have some kind of life after this terrible accident,” Ingram said.

Eagle Budweiser, Inc. was represented by David Wilson of Janecky-Newell of Birmingham.

Wilson said Eagle Budweiser, Inc. never argued that the accident was not the beer truck driver’s fault.

“We admitted that the driver was solely at fault. We had a jury of 12 people that had the benefit of hearing the two days of testimony. They decided what the case was worth, which was something the two sides were unable to do,” Wilson said.

“I don’t criticize juries for their decisions, and I am not criticizing this one. I’m sure they felt what they did was right and I respect that.”

The accident occurred on March 15 on U.S. Highway 280. The Jones’s car stopped at an intersection before attempting to make a left turn. The driver of the Budweiser truck rear-ended the Jones’ car when he leaned over to pick up a pen he dropped in the floorboard, according to Ingram.

The Drier was in Alexander City to replace some of the company’s beverages in two local grocery stores.

Ingram was pleased with the way the case turned out for his clients.

“The Joneses are pleased with the results. It’s hard not to be pleased, as a lawyer, with the largest verdict ever awarded here,” Ingram said.